Pybird is the Smash Bros. version of Hal.

This is the bird representation of Itsleo20.


  • Pyrokinesis - Manipulation of fire
  • Pyrogenesis - Generation of fire
  • Thermokinesis - Manipulation of heat


  • Burning Up - Anger, excitement, and/or hatred causes him to heat up.
  • Anger - His anger causes him to perform rash actions.


Pybird is angry and prefers to work alone. He has a short temper and his anger causes him to burn up. He is actually quite intelligent.


  • Water/Ice
  • His anger
  • Grudges


  • Pigs
  • Water/Ice-based things
Pybird's theme (Melty Monster Galaxy Remix)02:40

Pybird's theme (Melty Monster Galaxy Remix)

Pybird's theme. (I do not own this.)

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