Grimlock is the second Angry Birds Transformers character in ABRP. He is owned by PT.


  • "Don't be such a jerk and fight!"
  • "Oh come on, another arm wrestling game again? It hurts my arms..."
  • "Pfft, don't worry about it, we're on an adventure for the Golden Puffle Statue, I mean PT's Palace Idol!"
  • "Screw that stupid teddy."
  • "Oh come on, you crazy fox! Get over with it!"
  • "Don't be such a chicken."
  • "Knock knock, who's there? *whacks himself with the door* The door!"


Optimus PrimeEdit

His leader.

Other Autobirds and DeceptihogsEdit

They all like him.


Eggbots and pigsEdit

He evenly survives from them and kill them. Yeah, that's a story of ABT.

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