Crazy Pig is a .... Pig in the ..... Pig kingdom. He is so crazy that he painted himself yellow. And wears pizza on his head.

owned by crazyzombie168 

Personality Edit

Crazy...... And likes pepperoni pizza :3

Friends Edit

Enemies Edit

  • The Flock.

Weekly things to do.Edit

  • Mondays: Order Pizza for the week. Do things.
  • Tuesdays: Atempt to build a machine, for an egg stealing atempt. Do things.
  • Wednesday: Egg Stealing atempt. Upload videos on Pigtube. Do things.
  • Thursday: Upload videos on Pigtube. Prank The Flock. Do things.
  • Friday: Help King Pig, with his things. Do Things.
  • Saturday: Upload videos on Pigtube. Break Vases. Do things.
  • Sunday: Do things.

Zombie FormEdit

Oneday Crazy Pig, had an accident and died. Then Necromancer came to his aid, and brought him back from the dead. He can switch bewteen Pig Form and Zombie Form.

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